Reflected FoldSynth Motion

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Here’s a video sample of my current sketches of abstract motion-based art built in FoldSynth: I think I’m going to reimplement some similar functionality as used to make these stills in JavaScript so that it can be easily on the … Read More

Fractaleid for iPad

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I’ve released an app based on my earlier experiments with kaleidoscope video feedback. I’m rather proud, an early user review heralds it as “Best eye candy on the ipad! Addictive, hypnotic and fun. Highly recommended“. I have a simple site … Read More

Video Feedback in PD/Gem

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I’ve had fun for a while playing with video feedback by pointing webcams back at the screen… more recently I’ve being applying this in a pure computer graphics context in PD with Gem. I’ve found that with a few elements of simple … Read More