Ceci n’est pas une molecule
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Sometimes in graphics programming (and other things), mistakes are made. It’s always nice when these lead to interesting serendipitous discoveries, rather than just a black screen (most common), or flames coming out of the computer etc. Here are some results … Read More

Alligator Guitar
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Inspired by Nick Didkovsky’s “Density Trajectory Study II For solo guitar and computer” I’ve recently been spurned into getting hold of a few alligator clips for the purposes of preparing guitar strings.  Placed on modal points of the strings, they exchange the … Read More

Music for Bathtub
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Playing around with a big glass jar in my bath.  I was going to edit this, maybe in a rhythmic way… then I thought maybe it would be fun to play around with the YouTube Javascript API to do some … Read More

Motion Studies
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Molecule descending a staircase.

Kaleidoscope feedback
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I’ve been playing around a bit with doing video feedback through a kaleidoscope shader. In these images, the ‘seed’ that is fed into the feedback is simply the plain black or white background of the window.  There is a single … Read More

Evolved Video feedback
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Here are a few images I created with (virtual) video feedback.  Many of these were automatically evolved based on their spatial-frequency content.  Others were generated interactively, with various different interfaces.  Really, this stuff is much more fun when moving, and … Read More

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This piece is an early exploration of my ideas for interactive audio-visual computer art, based on dynamic systems with their own emergent complexity such that the player is not a player in the sense of an instrumentalist who has absolute control … Read More

Hello world!
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Welcome to xinaesthetic.net. Here is an application for exploration of the parameter space of a graphics synthesiser. Your motions are followed and used to determine the fitness function of a genetic algorithm which breeds new offspring to replace those you … Read More

Water in suspended animation
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While we were both studying at Middlesex, Lee Gamble asked me to take some photos of a rather mind-ticklingly brilliant setup that he had arranged in his bedroom with a hosepipe connected to a loud speaker illuminated by a periodic … Read More

Surreal Strings
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A little improvisation with a synth I made in Reaktor. The synthesis is “cascaded waveguide”, excited by an audio recording and controlled by midi keyboard.  As such it has some acoustic-ish dynamics, twisted in a way that wouldn’t be physically … Read More

Video Feedback in PD/Gem
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I’ve had fun for a while playing with video feedback by pointing webcams back at the screen… more recently I’ve being applying this in a pure computer graphics context in PD with Gem. I’ve found that with a few elements of simple … Read More

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