Automatic Art exhibition reviewed in New Scientist

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A new version of William Latham’s work (on which I have again been involved in collaborating) is on display until September 10th as part of an exhibition “Automatic Art” at GVArt near Baker Street, London. The exhibition draws on 50 years of computational process based British art. For our installation “Human Mutator Reflector”, we map skeletal data from a Kinect sensor to audio and visual parameters of the “Mutator 2” system, allowing gallery visitors to ‘swim’ through the mutating parameter space.

Simon Ings covered the show for New Scientist. I spoke to him during his visit, which gave me a chance to talk about both the history of Latham, Todd et al’s collaboration, but also some of my independent work. I’m flattered that the review he has now published for the New Scientist goes on to mention my wider work and emerging place within this story.